IRWC Smart Cabinet Equipment For Water Heated Instantly

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Welcome to consult the price of irwc smart cabinet equipment for water heated instantly with our company, Oilfield efficient water heating equipment factory and now we have machines for sale, you are also welcomed to buy customized irwc smart cabinet equipment for water heated instantly of high-quality Oilfield efficient water heating equipment China from our factory.

IRWC Smart Cabinet Equipment for Water Heated Instantly.

Product Description:
 with high temperature fluid flow through the oil well,the crystalline wax on the wall of the well flow out with the fluid.So the damage of the oil well has been eased, and production has been raised.

In the lean gas wells especially in winter, hot water is very difficult to solve, and some still use hot water to the mine site transport truck wash well. In response to this spot difficulties, IPM technology combined with rapid induction heating high efficiency heating tank research and development of smart sensor that is hot water equipment, induction heating manner to achieve rapid heating of the water, that water flows through the pipes which can be obtained at high temperature the hot water temperature can be controlled at less than 100 degrees Celsius. Such equipment can be widely used in oilfield work well in the process of washing, as long as the power is turned on, a steady stream of hot water can be injected into the well.

 ◆ water heating speed - can be achieved through the use of the water temperature;
 ◆ adapt to the wild - to adapt well working environment;
 ◆ electrical equipment without corrosion - can achieve the long-term normal operation;
 ◆ simple equipment without pump - a small maintenance burden on staff;
 ◆ High automation equipment - can be controlled by its own set temperature.


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