Customized Welding Machine For Steel Pipe

Customized Welding Machine For Steel Pipe
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Welcome to consult the price of customized welding machine Customized Welding Machine For Steel Pipe for steel pipe with our company, and now we have machines for sale, you are also welcomed to buy customized customized welding machine for steel pipe of high-quality Customized Welding Machine For Steel Pipe factory from our factory.Welders and Welding Equipment for Pipeline

Customized Welding Machine for Steel Pipe

It can be used as reference,LH1600/14000 Gantry welding steel pipe production line.

1, the series gantry welding machine is mainly used for large diameter submerged arc welding steel pipe, steel plant H-beam welding.

2, standard rectangular frame is welded steel, light weight, high strength. Automatic bi-directional device using linear guide, high tracking accuracy, small size, the weld dynamic tracking, and enables two-way reciprocating welding, weld quality assurance, improve work efficiency.

3, using automatic flux recovery vacuum feed device, high flux recovery efficiency, cutting a smooth, cost-effective, reduce labor intensity.

4, the whole walking AC motor drive stepless speed adjustment range, walking stability.

5, the welding power source and wire feed head technology uses advanced DC arc welding power supply and hanging head, excellent welding performance, stable arc, good welding quality, beautiful shape.

6, with double wire single arc or double wire double-arc welding function according to user needs, effectively improve the welding efficiency.

7, the device uses submerged arc welding, welding power source for the Shanghai Plant production welding flux automatic recovery, continuous weld uniform appearance, strong penetration, forming, welding, high efficiency, speed 1-3 m / min, is MIG tripled. Welding costs less than gas welding, is currently the fastest power pole welding industry, the effect is good, the lowest price of the equipment.

Main Technical Data:

Welding length



Welding thickness



Welding diameter



Welding current



Welding speed



Outline dimension(L*W*H)



Total weight




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