HZ2016 CNC Ring Die Drilling Machine

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HZ2016 CNC Ring Die Drilling Machine
 HZ Series CNC Ring Drilling Machine
 Usage and Characteristics :
 1. This machine is mainly used on ring form materials' radial drilling. The self central chuck work table is put in horizontal position. The chuck is four claws inner-chuck. The chuck is of clamp positioning, workpiece circal CNC rotary indexing, drilling power head move from the workpiece axis to digital display side for positioning. Two axes CNC control.HZ2016 CNC Ring Die Drilling Machine China  

2. Workpiece indexing driven by servo motor driven high precious gear, workpiece axis digital display positioning manually through ball screw and guide rail.
 3. Workpiece feed-in is driven by ball screw. During processing can automatic, precious, fast positioning, can finish drilling automatically. Highly improve the precious and speed of drilling, ensure the interchangbility of workpiece. Also avoid the possible of workpiece repair or invalidated due to manual positioning and residual of drilling.
 4. The control of the machine is CNC,cnc drilling machine for Annular workpiece 

 5. Circulating cooling system, reducing unproductive time, lower labor intensity. What the operator only need to do is to fix and pull down the workpiece and change drill.
 6. Advanced numerical controlled drilling power head, no data need to be set, can process idle stroke fast feed-in、low speed workpiece feed-in、change of rapid return after drilling through.
 7. Fast chuck equipment, which makes change of drill easy、convenient and fast.
 8. Two axes CNC control, CNC、PLC control, CRT display.
 9. The dimension of workpiece input into control system, once input can be used repeatedly.
 10. CNC controlled rotating worktable.
 11. Clamping the part manually.
 12. Cooling liquid automatic circulation.
 13. Fast forward、workpiece feed-in of stroke of the drill can be controlled automatically, fast return after drilling through.
 14. The equipment are of high quality, with high reliability.
 Technical parameters:

     Workpiece dimension

     inner diameter: Ø280-Ø880

     Outer diameter:Ø300-Ø900

     Height: ≤400mm

Max drilling diameter(mm)


Morse taper gauge of spindle

Size 3

Feed-in length

320 mm(equipped with longer drill bushing for drilling small workpiece)

Rotating speed of spindle(rpm)


Drilling speed


Speed governing mold

spindle rotating speed, using frequency converter stepless speed adjust
     spindle feed-in speed, CNC control stepless speed adjust

Spindle motor power(kw)


Servo motor power of feed-in spindle(kw)


Servo motor power of rotating motor(kw)


Hydraulic station motor power(kw)


Cooling pump motor power(kw)


Processing position accuracy

Circular direction:±30′
Axis(Y height)direction: manual positioning

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