Strap A Drill Features

1, automatic cutting.

2, computer real-time monitor bit protection systems, card stock, stock and parameter error alarm system.

3, six-axis control system, special program update features, independent research and development program, has a through hole and outer blind holes, porous, level hole drilling program can also write programs according to customer requirements.

4, drive system uses Germany imported high-precision numerical control motors, with the stall angle and constant torque drive segment, higher accuracy, run more smoothly, error is ± 0.01mm.

5, circuit controlled by the world's leading science and technology imports with self-protection function modular solid state relay, matching imported world class components, machine performance is more stable.

6, processing size (2-40mm), can fully meet the requirements of product processing industry, special specifications can be customized.

7, the use of automatic computer-controlled machine, hole to edge adjustable range (0-15mm), to base adjustable range (0-7mm), with a compensation value adjustment function, make the holes more accurate and more convenient.

8, the use of flat-plate mold, low cost, versatility, simple, usually within 90 minutes to complete.