Radial Drilling Machine Quality Market

Many of China's industries opening process, radial drilling machine industry bottlenecks has always existed, although programmes in the production area is unknown, but overall backward conditions of poor quality, difficult situation of job have always faced big but not strong. Ten years before the job quickly opens the primary pull factor is to continue the tiny domestic market demand, company system reform aroused open power and the strong support of national industrial policies. In contrast, skills and dealing with the effects of the promotion are relatively limited, deeper skills and industrial skills does not cross the high share of the commercial application of innovation effect is small. This is a characteristic that can be seen from the import and export data. In 2010, China's machine tool imports amounted to us $ 9.24 billion, accounting for one-third of the whole machine takes, mostly high-grade goods. And base production category depends on import of key equipment, high-end CNC system primary function part on relying on imports and more.

Because of commercial demand for micro-and check out the programme on guidance, in times of Eleven-Five, Twelve-Five widely expands the capacity of the company. Commodities of large, heavy, diversity, standard complete representation of a very wide range. Some produce small universal machine tool company of fun horse large floor type boring and milling machine, large gantry machining base of heavy machine tools.