Note About Laser Metal Cutting Machine

1. Comply with the general operating procedures for safe cutting machines. Strictly in accordance with the laser to start the program to start the laser, dimming, test machine.

2. The operator must be trained, familiar with the cutting software, equipment structure, performance, master the operating system knowledge.

3. Wear protective equipment as required, wear protective glasses in the vicinity of the laser beam.

4. Do not deal with any material before it can be irradiated or cut with a laser to avoid the potential danger of smoke and vapor.

5. When the equipment is activated, the operator shall not leave the post or trust the person, if the need to leave should stop or cut off the power switch.

6. Place the fire extinguisher in a place where you can handle it; turn off the laser or shutter when not working; do not place paper, cloth, or other flammable material near the unprotected laser beam.

7. In the process of finding abnormal, should immediately stop, promptly troubleshooting or reported to the competent staff.