Maintenance Of The Mechanical Parts

A. Screw and rail maintenance

1. regularly check and adjust the axial clearance of the lead screw nut, ensure reverse transmission accuracy and axial stiffness;

2. check screw support connection is loose and the bed support bearing for damage. If the above problems in time to tighten loose parts, replace the support bearings;

3.Using ball screws of the grease, clean old grease on the screw once every six months and replace with new grease. Oil lubrication of ball screws, machine work before refueling once a day;

4. avoid hard dirt or swarf into the screw guard impact shield and work process, damage protection device must be promptly replaced.

B. Drive shaft maintenance

1. the adjusting spindle drive belt tension on a regular basis;

2. prevent impurities from entering the fuel tank. Change the oil every year;

3. maintain the junction of the toolholder and spindle cleaning. Need to adjust the hydraulic cylinder and piston displacement;

4. to adjust the counterweight.