Machine Tool Structure

1, the main bed, table, gantry, slide, power heads, CNC system, cooling system chip components.

2, gantry CNC drilling machine with fixed bed, gantry, the work table moves the form.

3, bed, gantry for welding table for cast iron, processed by high temperature annealing, semi finishing second after annealing to remove stress and then finish can ensure accuracy and stability.

4, and gantry NC drill total 3 a NC axis, bed body with heavy line guide, table can along Guide for longitudinal movement (x axis), gantry beam Shang also with line guide, slipped Board can along Guide for horizontal movement (y axis), slipped Board Shang with sliding block, power head Shang with guide, power head can in slipped Board Shang for vertical direction movement (z axis), x, and y, and z axis are used servo motor added ball screw drive.

5, power head spindle using Taiwan Hampson's precision spindle, frequency conversion motor, stepless speed regulation of as needed. BT40 spindle taper hole, can be installed through the connecting rod drill or cutter, the headstock is equipped with loose knife cylinder (gas-liquid pressurized), easy tool change. And cold pole can be equipped with tools to achieve high-speed cutting.

6, both sides of the table, with screw chip conveyor (2) automatic chip. Water-cooled machine tools equipped with coolant supply, recovery and recycling system.

7, CNC FAGOR8035 systems equipped with RS232 interface and color display, Chinese operation interface, field/external PC Input parts, easy to operate.

8, x, y axis guide rail and screw machine tools are equipped with shields. X-axis is equipped with steel shield, y-axis is equipped with accordion shields.