Introduction Of Milling Machines


Milling machine mainly refers to the use of milling cutter on a variety of surface processing of the machine. Usually the milling cutter to the main movement of the movement, the workpiece and the movement of the milling cutter for the feed movement.

Milling machines are a wide range of machine tools that can be used to machine flat surfaces, trenches, sub-tooth parts, spiral surfaces, and various surfaces. In addition, it can also be used for the surface of the rotor, the hole processing and cutting work. When the milling machine is in operation, the workpiece is mounted on the workbench or the auxiliary head of the dividing head. The milling cutter rotates to the main movement, supplemented by the feed movement of the table or milling head, and the workpiece can obtain the required machining surface. As a result of multi-cutting intermittent cutting, and thus the higher productivity of milling machines. In simple terms, the milling machine can machine the milling, drilling and boring of the workpiece.