Drilling Process Editor

1 process purposes

Single-sided or double-sided made of non-conduction is directly after cutting holes or holes drilled, MLB is in the finished plate then went boring. Traditional hole of type divided by Guide pass or not simple of distinguish outside, to function of different can points: parts hole, tool hole, pass hole (Via), blind hole (Blind hole), buried hole (Buried hole) (Hou both also for via hole of a). in recent years electronic products ' light. thin. short. small. fast. ' of development trend, makes drilling technology leaps, machine drill, mine shot burn hole, photographic into hole,, Technical application of different equipment for different boards. drill only part of this chapter introduces other new technologies will be discussed in Chapter 20.

2 process

Drilled PIN → on → check

3 PIN operation

In addition to drill blind holes when drilling, or very high hole position accuracy requirements are very strict, with a beyond monolithic drill, usually with multiple pieces of drill, meaning each stack two or more. pieces of a drill 1. Board accuracy 2. smallest aperture 3. total thickness 4. total number of copper. to be considered. Because multiple pieces of a drill, so drilled PIN before each Board, this action by pin machine (pinning maching) implementation. Dual-panel is simple, half way at one corner, punch pin on completion of the continuous action. multilayer complex, multilayer PCB PIN on a dedicated machine.