Domestic CNC Machine Tool Solution: Independent Innovation To Break Through The Blockade

There is an industry of national strategic importance to national security and economic security, but due to the long embargo restrictions by the Western developed countries, has been the subject of great concern from State leaders and industry experts. Such an industry, "repeatedly defeated and war", and always adhere to, stick to the road of independent innovation, and push technique blocked in foreign countries, but has been unable to break has been awkwardly formed "ecosystem of the market", which is the domestic NC system industry.

Since 2009, "04 special" support Huazhong CNC, CNC in Guangzhou, Dalian Koyo, Shenyang high precision CNC system backbone enterprise, such as, based on independent innovation, developing high-grade type, standard type numerical control systems, servo drives and servo motors.

At present, some Chinese middle and high-end CNC functionality, performance, and reliability has been basically reached level of similar foreign systems, import substitution. Domestic NC system in Shen Fei, Cheng Fei, space 8, Dec, such as aerospace, automotive, power generation equipment manufacturing batch applications in key areas. China ushered in the dawn of the rapid development of CNC industry.