CNC Drilling Machine Operation

1. carefully check the voltage, oil pumps, lubrication, oil is normal, check the pressure, cooling, tubing, tools, fixtures are intact and make machine periodic maintenance work.

2. after the machine power on start, mechanical zero first, then run 5 minutes, verify that machinery, tooling, fixtures, parts, CNC parameter is correct, can begin work.

3. careful inspection procedures, parameter setting, action, interference, workpiece, switch protection link is completely correct, avoid cycling accidents, damage caused by processing tool and associated components. Strict accordance with procedures for test cutting tool and process to do the work after debugging is complete.

4. when machining cycle automatically, you should close the protective door, spindle rotating at the same time the need for manual operation, be sure to keep your body and clothing away from rotating and moving parts, clothing so as not to be involved in causing the accident.

5. spindle or turret tool library loading operation must be conducted in a mechanical movement stopped, and that co-ordination and collaboration among staff, so as to avoid accidents. When the manual tool change or automatic tool change, pay attention to the turret, knife, arm rotation and the installation location, and head away from the cutting tool the Rotary parts of the body, so as not to bruise. Machining centre, should also pay attention check tool-set, correspondence with the tool, in order to prevent confusion, Cutter knife tool interference or processing hit the knife incident.