CNC Drilling Machine

CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing. In the automobile, locomotive, ship building, aerospace, engineering machinery industry, especially for long-leaf, longitudinal beams, structural steel, tube-type porous Fu Yuan into a sea of big parts of the drill when it is preferred.


1: each coordinate moves by servo motor-driven operation, flexibility, accuracy and stability.

2: basic layout: in bed length of slide through mobile, unilateral open, simple structure, easy installed above and below the workpieces and hygienic cleaning after work, easy to maintain, and covers an area of small, suitable for processing and production of long-term employment.

3: slide on the column and as a normal radial drilling machine cylindrical columns, rocker can be up and down, facilitate the processing of workpieces of different heights.

4:16 variable speed of main shaft, torque to expand dozens of times, is a Morse taper hole, you can directly install the bit.

5: being the casting structure, can be extended, and users can select or customize.

6:X shaft sliding movement with Germany importing speed reducer, gear rack, ensure the rigidity and precision of movement.