The main functions of CNC milling machine

1. point-to-point control CNC milling machine control is mainly used for the machining of the workpiece, as the Center drill position, drilling, reaming, counterboring, reaming and boring of holes machining operations.

2. continuous control by CNC milling machines with linear interpolation curve interpolation, circular interpolation, or complex motion, milling machining of flat and curved surfaces.

3. the tool radius compensation function

4. If the workpiece profile programming, in the workpiece shape, actual contours will be big a radius value; when the workpiece contours, the actual contour small a radius value. Use the tool radius compensation method, numerical control system automatically calculates the tool path, skewing the tool workpiece contours a radius value and processed to print the outline. Tool radius compensation function, change the Cutter radius compensation, can also compensate for tool wear and processing errors, implementation of roughing and finishing of the parts.