The application of multimedia technology

Computer multimedia technology, video and communications technology in one, make the computer integrated voice, text, image, and video's ability, and therefore to request graphical user interface. Reasonable human user interface greatly facilitates the use of non-professional users, people can manipulate Windows and menus, blueprint for easy programming and quick programming, dynamic graphic display of three dimensional color solid, graphic simulation, graphics, dynamic tracking and simulation, direction of view and local display scaling function implementations. In addition, the application of multimedia technique to do processing in CNC technology integration, intelligence, applied to real time monitoring system and on-site equipment failure diagnosis and monitoring of production process parameters and therefore is of great value.

Lack of core technology of domestic CNC machine tool, from high performance numerical control system to key functional parts are imported, even though in recent years some domestic manufacturers struggle to create their own brand, but the product's functionality, performance, reliability is still a certain gap with foreign products. Domestic CNC machine tool manufacturers in recent years through the introduction of technology, overseas mergers and acquisitions restructuring and purchasing advanced CNC technology abroad, but lack of structure of the machine tool and precision, reliability, user-friendly design and basic technology research, ignored the independent development ability cultivation of domestic CNC machine tool technology, performance and quality there is a large gap with foreign countries, equally difficult to be recognized by most users.