Intelligent control

(1) processing process since adapted control technology: through monitoring processing process in the of cutting force, and spindle and into to motor of power, and current, and voltage, information, using traditional of or modern of algorithm for recognition, to debate general out tool of by force, and wear, and damaged state and the machine processing of stability State, and according to these State real-time adjustment processing parameter (spindle speed, and into to speed) and processing instruction, makes equipment in best run State, to improve processing precision, and reduced processing surface rough degrees and improve equipment run of security ;

(2) the intelligent optimization of machining parameters and selection: the process engineers or technicians experience, part of General and special laws, using modern methods, based on expert system or model-based "intelligent optimization of machining parameters and select" use it for optimum processing parameters, so as to improve the efficiency of programming and the manufacturing process, and shorten the production preparation time purposes;

(3) Intelligent fault diagnosis and repair technology: based on the existing information, the application of modern intelligence methods to achieve fast and accurate fault location;

(4) the Intelligent fault playback and simulation technology: record system information, errors and accidents that occurred on CNC machine tools for playback and simulation to determine error cause and finding a solution to the problem of accumulated experience;