High speed

With the automotive, defense, aviation, aerospace and other industrial development and application of new materials such as aluminum, increasing demand for the high speed of NC machine tools.

(1) spindle speed: machine tool spindle (built-in spindle motor), the maximum spindle speed of up to 200000r/min;

(2) the feed rate: when the resolution of 0.01 μ m, maximum feed rate 240m/min and precise machining of complex surfaces can be obtained;

(3) operation speed: the microprocessor for the rapid development of numerical control systems to high speed, high accuracy direction is guaranteed, developed a CPU has grown to 32-bit and 64-bit CNC system, the frequency increase to hundreds of MHz, hundreds of MHz. Because of the dramatic improvements in the speed, so that when the resolution is 0.1 μ m, 0.01 μ m, can still get a feed rate of up to 24~240m/min;

(4) the tool speed: Advanced machining center tool Exchange at present time about 1s, high up to 0.5s. Germany Chiron company magazine designed basket style, to the spindle axis, in circular layout tool, Cutter knife tool change time just 0.9s.