De system opening

(1) open to the technologies of the future: due to the software and hardware interface follows the standard protocol, only a small amount of redesign and adjustment, a new generation of common software and hardware resources can be identified in the current system adopted, absorption and compatible, which means that the development costs will be greatly reduced and system performance and reliability will continue to improve and a long life cycle;

(2) open to the special requirements of customers: more new products, expanded capabilities, provide various combinations of hardware and software products to meet specific application requirements;

(3) the CNC establishment of standards: International are in research and development on a new type of CNC system of ISO14649 (STEP-NC) to provide a neutral mechanism does not depend on specific systems, unified data model for describing products throughout their life cycle, enabling the entire manufacturing process and standardization of the various areas of industrial products. Standardized programming language, both for the convenience of users, but also reduce operational efficiency and directly related to the labor cost.