Classification of numerical control milling machine system

① the cooling system. Machine tool cooling system is made up of cooling pump, outlet pipe, water pipes, switches and nozzle and other components, cooling pumps installed in the machine base cavity, cooling pumping cutting fluid from the base pool until water outlet pipe and nozzles, cooling the cutting zone.

② lubrication system and method. Lubrication system was donated by manually-run oil pump, oil separators, throttle valves, tubing and other components. Using periodic lubrication of machine tools, manual lubricating pump, through the oil filter on the spindle sleeve, vertical and horizontal rails and three-ball screw lubricated in order to improve the service life of the machine.

From the perspective of digital control technology. Because the NC machine tool adopts servo motor, digital technology enables implementation of parts of the machine tool orders and direct control of movements, the transmission of traditional machine tools structure has been canceled or partially canceled, thus the mechanical structure is greatly simplified. Numerical control mechanical systems with high driving rigidity and without transmission clearance in order to ensure that control the implementation of the directive and the implementation of quality control. At the same time. Due to continuous improvement and control of the computer, allowing more features at the same time on the same machine to perform the various accessibility needs is possible, and CNC machine tools mechanical structure is higher than traditional machines with integrated functions.