Automatic CNC machine tool work continuity considerations

1. the rational selection of cutting parameters.

2. selection tools:

(1) when roughing, high strength and durability of the tool to choose in order to satisfy the saddle back knife, large feeding requirements.

(2) when finishing, high precision and durability of cutting tools, to ensure accuracy requirements.

(3) in order to reduce tool change time and convenient tool, as far as possible with clamp clamp and knife blades.

3. the reasonable choice of fixtures:

(1) try to use universal fixture clamping the workpiece to avoid using special fixture;

(2) parts locating Datum coincide to reduce positioning errors.

4. determine the routes:

Refers to the process of NC machining processing routes and relative parts of the trajectory and orientation.

(1) to ensure accuracy and surface finish requirements;

(2) to shorten the process, reduce the tool air travel time. Rotor pump