BCJ100-6 CNC Hydraulic Flat And Angle Steel Punching Shearing

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Welcome to consult the price of bcj100-6 cnc hydraulic flat and angle steel punching shearing with our company, and now we have machines for sale, you are also welcomed to buy customized bcj100-6 cnc hydraulic flat and angle steel punching shearing of high-quality from our factory.

BCJ100-6 CNC Hydraulic Flat and angle steel punching shearing

Flat and angle steel punching shearing Machine Features:
1, which contains a series of configuration NC feed or feed platform frame, in order to achieve automatic positioning CNC punching and shearing sections.
2, the feed frame length can be configured according to customer requirements, 3 meters, 6 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters, you can also configure other lengths.
3, the control can be programmed manually or import a CAD drawing program, USB program input, standard G code.
4, punching holes in accuracy can be controlled within + -0.2mm, simple data input can be realized flexible punching and mass production.
5, manual or automatic hydraulic clamp, clamping great strength.
6, servo motor drive, high precision, the feed rate of 30 m / min.
7, according to customer product customization professional support jig and fixtures, can be implemented on a flat, plate, angle, channel, H-beam, T-beam shaped special profiles and other rules and punching and shearing.
8, the device has six stations, can be customized;

Main Technical Specifications:



Punching shear unit


Workpiece dimensions

width 50-400mm, length 200-7000mm

Punching thickness of the workpiece


Punching force


Number of stations

2 (1 punching , 1 Marking)

Punching aperture range

Hole Φ6 -Φ40mm; 
Elongated hole 14X40mm 18X40mm 22X45mm

Minimum end distance


Margin regulation mode

Manual adjustment

Shear force

1600 kN

Maximum shear thickness


Maximum cut width


Minimum length of the tail material


Feed path length


Hydraulic system:Provide power punching,
shearing and press material

Power 22KW

Control System

PC plus PLC control


In Accordance With GB2694-2003

Quantity of CNC Axis


Servo motor power

X-axis 4KW ; Y-axis 3KW

Feeding speed steel

30 m/min

Device for punching, shearing average frequency

25 beats / min

Body Weight

About  11000kg

Overall dimension

20000X5000X2600 mm

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